What troubles can plagiarism cause?

Plagiarism is a growing concern. You might not know it, but roughly one in six or seven students worldwide plagiarise. This causes massive problems for universities, professors but mostly – students themselves. Even though it only brings harm to those who make it, students still plagiarise. We are here to show and discuss what problems can plagiarism bring and hopefully show you some ways to avoid it.

Bad grades

The most lenient out of all penalties is simply a bad grade. If caught plagiarising you will probably fail the task and have to re-do it or get penalised. In the long run, this harms your reputation and teachers and professors will always double-check your writing.


You could get reported to the faculty or university heads like the Dean. In their hands, your fate is uncertain and is going to depend on the circumstances as well as your track record. Anything from just an angry finger wave to long-term suspension could await.

Stripping of titles and getting expelled

If you are caught plagiarising with a severe case such as your bachelor or master thesis, dissertation etc. you are likely to be discharged from the university. Even if you are caught with the same thing, later on, years after graduation – your titles and awards will be stripped and removed from you.

How to avoid it and be ahead?

You can use nifty software like a plagiarism detection tool to avoid it. Teachers and professors use the same software as well, so you can be sure that your paper is spick and span when it comes to originality and uniqueness. Choosing plagiarism tools to avoid plagiarism is very smart because they work quickly and you can compare your work against billions if not trillions of other sources from all over the web and the world. If you want to know more about how plagiarism tools work – read more here: https://www.plagramme.com/plagiarism-tool