What Is Redux-Is Redux Worth It


Redux, an open-source JavaScript library for managing application state, has been gaining popularity over the years when it comes to building user interfaces. This JavaScript library is usually used with libraries like React or Angular to build user interfaces.

The primary concept behind Redux is that the complete state of an application is stored in a single central location. Moreover, each application component can have direct access to the state of the application without it being mandatory to use callback functions or send props down to child components or send data back up to a parent component.

One of the best things about Redux is that it facilitates complex situations such as wherein some or all of the same data is to be shared by multiple components that are not closely related to one another. Redux facilitates it by offering a central store that can store or hold data from anywhere in the location.

  In addition to these advantages, Redux also permits individual components to stay “connected” to the store and extract only the required pieces of data while some data may still be in the local state of the components. This eventually means that the data no longer has to be passed down through multiple component levels that make the code simpler. Moreover, this also improves rendering performance as fewer components are involved.

Today, more and more developers are using Redux in a React application. There is no denying the fact that React is wonderful and it is really possible to entirely write a complete application using React and nothing else. However, plain old React is at times no as straightforward to being used and a state management library such as Redux can easily alleviate some of the concerns that come up in more complex applications. In short, Redux is undoubtedly one of the best JavaScript libraries to build user interfaces.