Use of Force Training Certification for Law Enforcement New York

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Use of force training certification for law enforcement New York allows you to review many incidents related to use of force. There is a lot of grey areas when law enforcement deals with the public and resort to the use of force. When most officers are confronted with someone who is highly resistant, the next probably option might be the use of force. However, you don’t have to give in easily to use of force. The first thing to do is to start with your presence. A good strong presence may deter further escalation of the situation on the ground. If this doesn’t seem to work, the next thing is verbal action. Most people tend to do ask instructed, particularly when you use a commanding tone. Then you have the empty hand control or force on force. The next step is the use of an expandable baton. Lastly, deadly use of force is the final level of force that can only be applied when faced with life-threatening situations.

Unfortunately, many law enforcement officers/agents skip the first few levels and go straight to the use of expandable baton or tasers in confrontations when in the real sense such situations can be easily handled with a lesser degree of force. A good force on force technique can be used by an officer to put the situation under control. Sadly, this is the area where officers receive the least amount of training hence they lack confidence when it comes to hand to hand technique. So instead of using their hand, they resort to using weapons.

Most use of force training focuses on prompt reaction to life-threatening scenarios. For instance, if a suspect’s hands are tucked at his back despite the call to raise his hands above his head, it’s ok for an officer to think he is holding a gun. Use of force training will teach officers ways to deal with such situations.

Enrolling for the use of force training certification for law enforcement New York is important since most departments or agencies don’t offer additional training after the police academy. Knowing that most police officers in New York are not fully equipped and ill-prepared to deal with situations they encounter on a daily basis. The only way officers can be confident in handling real-life situations stems from constant practice and muscle memory. Every law enforcement officer/agent is expected to use the least amount of force to make a person submissive to their commands or defend themselves or a third party. Instead of using a baton, why not take the suspect down and put him/her in handcuffs.

Many people who get beat up by police officers are in most cases innocent. It’s just so unfortunate that their luck ran out and they find themselves face to face with an inexperienced officer who not only lacks confidence but also doesn’t know how to use his/her hands to do what’s right. Hence, the need to enrol for the use of force training.