This Private Preschool in Singapore Teaches Life through Art


As the world says success can only be determined with numbers and science, a private school in Singapore says otherwise. Education has ultimately been found the most fundamental foundation in a person’s success; hence, it should not be limited to only the famous directions taken by humans which are science and mathematics.

Holding a degree in Film making which falls on the field of arts, I want my children to experience the quality education here in Singapore that is not only limited to the usual subjects like English and Science but an educational system that also hones the skills they have in the liberal side while being able to discover themselves and enhance their imagination along the way.

This might be a little ambitious, I must admit. Because just like other private preschools abroad, Singapore offers the wide variety of subjects such as Mathematics, Physical Education, Science and English aiming to develop the several talents of a child. Hence, leaving the honing of the artistic side of a human. So I decided to start to scroll on the top childcare in Singapore hoping that there’s someone out there who has the same vision like me: while the common subject matters deal in strengthening the mind, arts hone the stability of the soul and someone’s well-being.

Luckily, I came across to a private preschool in Singapore that specializes in arts. NAFA Arts preschool is the first ever arts-centered school in the country that balances the academic growth of the students while nourishing the art appreciates from within. The students are involved into ballet classes, music classes spent into jamming the keyboard and art classes wherein they get to know themselves as they are asked to conceptualize and come up with their own pieces.

Unlike other childcare in the nation, NAFA Arts is incredibly different and amazing. More than teaching the essential things like mathematical operations and subject verb agreement in English, the teachers of this institution focus more on instilling a good and positive attitude to the students because they believe educating them with proper attitude weighs more than leaving the premises having all the technical abilities.

I was shocked even more when my 3-year old daughter didn’t cry when I left her at the school for her first day of learning. It was a beautiful moment for as a mother because I know my daughter is at the right direction. She enjoyed how the structure of the school felt like home because the classroom walls have glass panels that enable them to interact with other students and create their own opportunities through their own ways.

Not only through the environment that the young people felt at home, but also how their teachers act as second parents to them. I have observed how careful they are in teaching them life through art pieces and how freely they appreciate our children which makes them feel motivated and eager to be better every day. I remember a time that my daughter came home running so fast and happy as she shows me her finished art project telling me that her teacher really told her how good it was.

I am extremely happy and grateful that I have come across a school that doesn’t just limit learning through examinations and technical stuff but happily teaches life through letting their students discover themselves and life in the most artistic way possible. I am sure that my daughter will have a strong soul and a creative mind that will help her overcome the future things she will encounter in her journey.