Teaching Filmmaking to Kids in Florida

Teaching filmmaking to kids in Florida is easier than you might think. All you have to do is share our classes with an after-school enrichment coordinator, or contact us, and we will reach out to your school of facility program specialist. That way, you can help children in your community learn about filmmaking from all different angles.

The first step is to find a room. We need a room with an outlet and space for kids to move about. We bring the camera and television monitor. Next, a date needs to be chosen to start. Classes are usually five to nine weeks long, and they take about an hour. We also offer 8-, 10-, and 12-week courses. We can start a session at any time, and we also offer week-long sessions as well. So we are flexible so that you can choose a date and class that is right for your students.

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We make registration simple through our online enrollment process, waivers, and payment. This is all done on our website, so you don’t have to worry about sending papers home with kids to be signed and returned or money getting lost in transit. We provide marketing materials as well as emails or short blurbs for your weekly newsletters to parents.

Depending on the session, tuition is between $100 and $180 per session. The cost depends on how long the session is. We also provide scholarships, so if cost is an issue for particular students, then we can take that on a case-by-case basis and offer scholarships.

Parents don’t have to worry about the safety of their children when they are with our instructors. They are all insured, have been fingerprinted, and have clean background checks. We take the safety of all of our students seriously.

Our classes offer children the opportunity to learn life-long skills, such as self-confidence both in front of and behind the camera. Children learn how to speak confidently in public, and they develop and hone their ability to collaborate with others to create a truly unique and individual film. We offer classes in areas like becoming a YouTuber and producing a news broadcast. Children do more than just act in our classes and camps. They learn to produce, direct, create, and more.

Contact us for more details on teaching filmmaking to kids in Florida. We will be happy to work with your school to offer after-school and school break classes that will enrich your students’ lives and possible future careers in filmmaking!