Several Ways to Handle Homework Hassles in Students


Homework is a nightmare for most of the students. There are many students who feel irritated by the word homework and try to avoid it as they are worn-out after 6 to 7 hours in their school. They would rather like to play with their friends, pets, or watch their favorite cartoon shows and participate in after-school activities. As per the teachers and parents association survey, almost half of parents supported the arguments of homework is a stress for their children.

But teaching and learning research indicates that those students who spend their more time on home assignments will do better in their schools. Research shows that english homework help students in understanding the concept taught in class, improves their memory, time management, and to work independently. Now let us know few points on how to handle homework hassles in students as it helps them to learn, and  develop good study habits to become lifelong learners.

Here are few steps to handle homework hassles in students-

  1. Always start the assignment after a snack or refreshment. Never allow the student to work as they reach home after their school.
  2. Each and every parent should give the importance of homework to their children. Be around them and help them by sharing the ideas for their assignments.
  3. Select the study atmosphere in which your kids feel comfortable and encourage them to discover the answers on their own.
  4. Read and explain the topic so that students get interested in learning. Share the facts, myths, and importance of the topics like Cells, tissues, organs and organ systems in our body.
  5. Do not allow the students to play or to watch their interesting shows until they have finished their assignments. Give break after each subject, as the child will not be bored or tired.
  6. Do often check the assignments given by the teacher and is completed on time. Set the timetable for the completion of each task and ensure that the child is completing it as per the schedule.
  7. Never try to complain about their workload. In spite, encourage and build a positive thought towards learning.
  8. Help students in providing necessary materials such as sharpened pencils, books which will help them in saving their time.
  9. When the homework is complete, encourage and share the success.
  10. The best idea to remove the homework hassles is to break the home assignments. Divide the assignments into two parts, the easy and tough. Ask them to complete their easy  assignments first and difficult ones later.
  11. There are many simple tricks available on the website about how to memorize the formulas and diagrams with labels. Share with them. Tell them the importance of diagrams and how they can fetch marks during exams?
  12. Share some live experiments about science that are easily available in different educational websites and try to give them awareness and importance of certain topics in their day to day life. For example: Explain the importance of life cycle, food, solar energy, plants and animals, speed and velocity, blood and blood groups,  etc.

The best way to handle homework hassles in students is by helping them with their homework, and by giving the advantages of homework. Always encourage them in their projects, assignment and explain them in their own language which increases their concentration towards their work.

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