Product Photography – A Challenging Yet Interesting Art

Photography is not just limited to capturing some lovely moments of your wedding or some memorable shots to remind you of a splendid holiday or family. It is quite beyond that and when it is done commercially there are different things that make it great. Yes, product photography is thearea of photography where a product is captured and represented in such way that it entices the onlooker to take action and buy the product.

But what does it take to plan, visualize and capture an image in a way that it sells? Below I have outlined some guidance which product photographer like myself use to capture images that sell.


Getting the right photo

Product photography takes many different forms and ranges from diamonds, food, beauty products, bike tires, the list goes on.

Whether it’s a photo of a cereal box or a luxurious necklace, the product shot should be so attractive that an online buyer takes the decision of buying the product at first glance.

Product photography is also used in making brochures, product catalogues and other forms where the sales are made depending upon the quality of the image, such as online marketing.

It is essential that the photo shot is crisp, clean, clear and accurate Otherwise the product photo will not do its job and attract the attention of the customer!

As product photography is mainly related to advertising and marketing, it is important that the right image is taken and for that different factors that are important are

  • Getting the right angle of the product that will enhance the beauty of the product.
  • Choosing a supportive background of the image. It should be such that it complements the actual product properly and not distract the potential customers attention or loose the product.
  • Lighting in photography plays an important role and this is no different in product photography. If the lighting is not good enough even a good arrangement of photograph will look blunt and not serve its purpose.
  • Total arrangement made to shoot the final picture is important. There are products that will need some support, like a dress may need a hanger or mannequin so that its beauty is expressed and hangs well. For a picture to be perfect it is necessary that arrangement is made after making total preparation.
  • Also on the topic of fashion photography, it is always painful to see product shots that have creases in the fabric. When conducting a fashion shoot then always ensure that the clothing has been ironed or better still, steamed. Steaming is preferable as it can be done on the spot while the item is hung in position.

Even after making full arrangements there are certain issues that make a photo look odd. These are the challenges that you will come face-to-face with as a product photographer.

Challenges of product photography

When you see a product photo online and start loving the product, you cannot imagine the effort that is given by a product photographer. Even after all these efforts there are certain challenges that they face.

  • Representing the product without distortion is a major challenge. Most of the time although special care is taken while making the preparation of the product, but yet there are certain distortions that will completely ruin the photograph.
  • There are wide ranges of products and managing all of them together may be a challenge. This happen when s group product image is taken.
  • Managing the reflection of the product while setting the lighting of the product photograph.
  • Sometimes there may be requirement of multiple elements in the photograph and this is really challenging as the focus of the image may get distorted.

While working on any product photo shoot a photographer may come across some other challenges too but with their skill they overcome those successfully.

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I hope that you have found all the information above useful and helpful in your future career as a product photographer.