Place to visit in France during class trip

France is always for its desserts, Eiffel tower, high society, fashion and more. But along with all these modern qualities this amazing country has on more quality and that is, this country is historically as well as traditionally very rich. That’s why there are many class trip to France is organized so that students get to know about this amazing country more.

France is country where great philosophers were born such as augeste comte, Emile Durkheim and more. This is a place that teaches very much valuable things to young aspirants and for them it is trip to France is always an unforgettable experience.


Places to visit

Normandy – this is the very historical place where students get to see the burning of the great Joan of arc as well as Arromanches. There are many other things as well that you get to see over this place. This place is very quiet and students can enjoy their day with traditional French food.

Paris – Paris is one of the most travelled destinations of the world. Along with the fashion capital of the world this city has many things to offer and especially to young learners. Students can enjoy the art museum that is considered as world largest art museum. Along with this students can explore the rich history of this place.

Somme, vedrun and yepres – main of focus of the class or school trip is always on these places only because this place still takes you in the feel of past. There are high green fields over this place that is very quiet. More than that this place also witness two world wars, so that you get to see the marks of the war and memorials over this place. Over this place you get a feel of old France and that’s why this place carries very special place during a trip.