How can Technology Enhance the Learning Experience


Adapting to the widespread use of technology in terms of educating humans for consuming knowledge and showing how to use the learnt skills in their daily routines, proves to be impactful for the survival of the species. Keeping this in mind, using technology to educate the youth for helping them build a successful career should be the core responsibility of every citizen of a country.

With the introduction of technology, teaching them subjects which are hard to understand or boring while learning, can be made into a way better experience than just a classroom environment. If that doesn’t do the job, an introduction to live online classroom teaching can be a way to learn the subjects sitting at your home. Important subjects such as physics require illustrative examples in concepts like collision theory for explaining students in great detail about particles and the nature of their collision. On an advanced platform, with the help of this theory, we can learn how planets in space react when colliding with each other.

Similarly, with the use of various softwares and simulating devices, we can show them the mechanism behind how does a particular thing happen. With the advent of technology, youths should feel lucky to be exposed to such an era where nothing is impossible to learn and with everything available in the smartphones, it is like having a key to the world on the fingertips. The rapid growth of technology is shaping our future with bright innovations such VRs, AIs, electric cars, solar energy fuels and not to forget the Internet, is giving a clear idea of what the next generation is going to witness.

It is amazing to be part of this technological revolution. The learning and education sector in this century will profit a lot if they start incorporating various technologies to enhance the learning experience of the students and provide them with the best educational tools in order to solve every mundane problem like from tying a shoe to launching humans in space more efficiently. Let us take an example of topics like thermodynamics which has incredible concepts such as Raoult’s law, which shows various graphical representations of behaviour of water vapour which is invisible to the naked eye but can be learned in a better way using visual technology.

With the help of technology, there can be a fundamental change in the way learners are able to gain their knowledge, skills, and competencies which will help them land in their desired job. Educators are recognising this online method and are honing people’s skills through the use of technology.

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