Filmmaking Classes for Children in Florida

Does your child enjoy thinking up stories with lots of detail, and plot twists and turns? Does your child then like to act out their stories for an audience? If so, consider enrolling your child in filmmaking classes for children in Florida. If your kid is always behind a camera, help them take their writing, producing, and directing skills to the next level, or their acting skills if they prefer to be in front of the camera, by showing them how exciting filmmaking can be. They will gain the technical skills they need to create their own movies and broadcasts, and they will also learn important life skills in the process.

Children improve their abilities to speak confidently and easily in public in our classes. Their confidence levels rise as they master speaking in front of the camera. They learn how to leverage their fun personalities to shine as they are being filmed. Your child will be more confident when they finish attending our classes and camps. They will learn social and communication skills as well. We promote engagement, inspiration, perseverance, passion, positivity, critical thinking, and a culture of trust in our courses, and our students reflect them in their work and in the skills that they learn during their time with us. You’ll find a class that fits your child’s interests because we offer several classes. Your child will be even more interested in filmmaking after the class and will be ready to try another one.

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If your child likes to watch YouTube videos, our YOUth TUBEr class is a great choice. Students learn how to speak passionately and with charisma on camera in this class, and they are in charge of thinking of material to write their own scripts. They develop collaboration skills as they work cooperatively with other students and create their own stories, produce, direct, and film them. Best of all, they just have a good time through the entire process.

The Mini Movie class is another fun option if your child regularly comes up with intriguing story lines. In this class, your child will use their imagination to create, direct, act in, and produce their own movies. They will learn about the whole filmmaking process from start to finish.

Contact us to learn more about our classes and to find out how to enroll your child in one of our amazing filmmaking classes for children in Florida. Your child will become better at memorizing, critical and innovative thinking, and to work well on a team. They will also have fun making new friends and memories!