Educational Furniture Allows for Greater Student Engagement


For years, teachers have been looking for new options to furnish their classrooms. Teachers want comfortable furniture that helps the students become more engaged with the lessons and assignments. Gone are the days of uncomfortable seating with desks attached right to the small wooden chair. Teachers now have different visions for their classrooms and different ideas for the furniture their students will be using, creating more opportunities for student engagement.

In an article written by Victoria Bergsagel for Getting Smart, Bergsagel addresses how classroom furniture can affect student engagement. In her article, she discusses her conversation with a school administrator and how teachers are often looking for feedback on classroom engagement. Bergsagel furthers this discussion by mentioning a study that was used to find the most important aspects of gaining student engagement. In this study, it was found that classrooms with furniture that encourages active learning resulted in more student engagement than traditionally furnished classrooms. 

Classrooms that are furnished for active learning have certain design features that a traditionally furnished classroom doesn’t have. These features include tables that can easily be moved, chairs that students can adjust and move to make themselves more comfortable, and surfaces that can be written on. Being able to move the tables allows students to collaborate with one another and opens space for different activities. When students can adjust their chair to become more comfortable, they are able to focus on the lesson or assignment instead of thinking about how uncomfortable they are, or how they can’t see. Having surfaces to write on allows students to get their thoughts wrote out, which can help them to continue the thought process and focus on solving problems. These surfaces could include dry erase boards and markers. 

Additionally, Kayla Delzer on Edutopia explains that classrooms should encourage and allow for collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. The best way to do this is by using the proper educational furniture instead of single desks for each student. Educational furniture can be purchased from many companies online, including Spectrum Industries, and there are many options available.

There are many different shapes, sizes, and heights available for tables or workstations. Most options have wheels, making it possible for students to move their workstation to work with other students. Some of the moveable workstations create a circle when a certain number of them are put together, making them perfect for group work. For seating, many options can be used including stackable chairs or stools. Teachers now have many choices when selecting classroom furniture for their classrooms to meet the needs of the students. 

Educational furniture can make all the difference for students’ engagement. With the right furniture and flexibility, students will thrive in the classroom. Studies have shown that students are more engaged, and their test scores are higher when the classrooms are set up for active learning. Educational furniture is made to suit the needs of different classrooms, students, and teachers, so there will be options available for everyone.