Crowdfunding for Writers


Doesn’t everyone have that one artistic friend who are always talking about how pursuing their aesthetic dreams and ambitions is a full time occupation? This friend might be an artist, an actor, or even a writer! Perhaps the need to isolate themselves from the real world while they are chasing their artistic calling is the strongest in the case of a writer than any other kind of artist. Writing is supremely time intensive as well as extremely labour intensive. Numberless published and well acclaimed writers have said in interviews and speeches that they have found it impossible to manage the responsibilities of a full time job with their writing, and had to eventually quit working. But how is an emerging writer to sustain themselves while they write their first book?

This is where crowdfunding India can come to the rescue. For those who don’t know, crowdfunding is a method of fundraising online, with a large number of donors coming together with relatively small donations each, to help the campaigner in need meet a big fundraising goal. So writers in need can crowdfund in many ways to help themselves through the kindness and generosity of their friends and supporters while they respond to the call of their artistic vocation and write full time, having quit their day jobs.

Anyone can crowdfund for a cause, as long as that cause is nor in conflict with any law anywhere, and as long as funds are not used to harm anyone. This is how a writer can, and should crowdfund:

Know what they are crowdfunding for. Campaign goals must be very clear, as well as campaign duration and what you are planning to do with funds raised. Long term campaigns are not a bad idea for writers who are taking time off from work to finish a manuscript.

Create a buzz on social media. Even before you go live, tell your social media friends and fans that you will soon be crowdfunding. This prepares your supporters to expect and anticipate the crowdfunding India campaign and to be ready to make donations when the time comes rolling around.

Once your crowdfunding India campaign is live, do set aside time from your book project to promote it flamboyantly on social media, and to thank your donors personally. Without these generous and compassionate souls, your campaign will fall flat.

When you’ve raised your goal amount, give a massive shout out to everyone who stood by you on social media. You’ve accomplished your mission. It’s also a great idea to acknowledge them in your book when it comes out!