Civil Litigation Attorney: When Do You Need Them?


While filing a lawsuit, a little mistake can make the case against you or delay your case. Therefore, you should consult with a qualified civil litigation law lawyer.

So, what is the job of a civil litigation attorney?

Civil litigation lawyer does the whole process of filing and pursuing a lawsuit that is non-criminal. He or she, when you consult with, will guide you if your case is as strong that you have a chance to win, and if they find your case not that strong, they will advise you not to carry the case to the court, and to handle it outside the courtroom.

Following are a few examples of civil litigation attorneys:

  • Personal Injury
  • Discrimination
  • Alimony
  • Debt settlement

Criminal cases are generally filed by the government agencies, such as state or the police.

How to know that you need a civil litigation lawyer?

For filing a case, you will have to search and consult a litigation lawyer. The professional lawyers will know better that if your case has a chance to be successful. Filing a lawsuit isn’t an easy job, but they know how to fill it the best way and also submit the paperwork required for it. There are also options for settling down a case outside the court, and a litigation attorney is the best person to advise you on available options.

What will be the cost of hiring a litigation lawyer?

All law firms work differently,and their mode of payment and billings are also different. Some firms will work on contingency,and some will work on payment on hour basis. The law firms which work on contingency will take an amount only if you win the lawsuit, and before starting working with you, they will negotiate about the percentage you have to pay them after the case is over. On the other hand, firms charging on an hourly basis, they charge a certain fee on the hourly basis that you will have to pay for them. In both cases, you should ask upfront before hiring them how are they charging and what is their charge.

What would be the expectation of working with a civil litigation lawyer?

The outcome of a case depends on several things, but a civil litigation lawyer will guide you at your every step on filing the lawsuit. Your lawyer will guide you if you have to settle the case outside the courtroom, or you should settle it privately. Your winning will stop any harmful activity,or you will receive compensation. Hiring anexpert litigation lawyer, such as Smith &Eulo, gives you a better chance of winning the lawsuit.