5 Benefits of SAP FI/CO Training

SAP or System Application & Products of Data Processing is the market leader in accounting systems and will stay so for a long time. It has features that no other accounting system can have. To join careers in SAP, it is important to have a background in either accounts or computer science. In case you don’t have any, and are still interested to make it in SAP then you definitely need a training or certification in SAP.

SAP Data Services has many other names, including Business Objects Data Services (BODS). BODS jobs are in high demand and the opportunities available are also innumerable. There are many SAP modules that one can choose from.


Currently, SAP’s FI/CO modules are in high demand therefore it would be highly beneficial if you get a certification or training in SAP FI/CO. Here are some of the benefits of taking a proper training in SAP FI/CO:

  • Expert Guidance: Although these modules are very easy to use, there is still a learning curve to them. Expert guidance is absolutely required if you want to pick up on the features of that software. The expert is going to be someone who has had experience in this industry and would guide you in a much better way.
  • Easy Industry Absorption: Getting training at a reputed training institute would increase your chances for industry absorption. The people at the training institute might even get you job opportunities. Many good institutes have job training programs after SAP FI/CO training as well. They would help you set your resume and get the job.
  • Stay up to Date: As reputed training institutes have this as a profession, they would always try to keep themselves updated. They have their reputation to worry about. Therefore, if you go for a training program, be assured that you are getting trained in the latest SAP FI/CO technology.
  • Certification: You would have proof of your training if you go for a certified institute. In case you study on your own, provided that you would have skill but there would be no way of proving that during job interviews. Know that job interviews generally don’t have live tests. They look for certified individuals. Therefore, getting training is the better way of getting a certified SAP FICO job.
  • Vast Access to References: The institutes generally would have collected loads of data and research on the said software modules. Whenever you feel stuck in some kind of problem, you can go ahead and access that vast amount of data and get the help that you need.

Having a proper training certification in the choice of your career is always a step forward towards glory in the said career. If you are just starting, this would enhance your skills and get you a job and in case you are already in the field, it would open up new opportunities. Therefore, it is always advised to get trained in your career choice.